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In addition to a wide variety of resources to help students learn, our Inquiry Zone is a do-it-yourself creative space in the library where students gather to reflect on their IB units of inquiry and create a project that demonstrates their understanding.

The importance of inquiry

Giving students the opportunity to create personalizes their learning and allows them to experience the entire design thinking and problem solving process. This empowers them to take charge of their own learning and often ignites a passion that continues outside the learning environment. Additionally, students are encouraged to reflect on their conceptual understanding, creation and skills throughout their time in the Inquiry Zone. Risk-taking is celebrated since the experience is the true goal, rather than the project.

Participation to Demonstrate Understanding

Students in grades K – 5 will have the opportunity to create in the Inquiry Zone during their library class several times throughout the school year. Projects are created to demonstrate the students’ understanding of the IB unit’s central idea. Students might build a structure using a variety of materials, code a program for a robot, engage in digital story telling using apps and iPads or participate in a combination of these and other possibilities. Students are given the choice to create either independently or with a group.

Projects are created to demonstrate the students understanding of the IB unit's central idea. What and how to create are decided by the student. Students may build a structure from cardboard, or digitally through coding, sew fabric by hand or machine, compose a song using a keyboard, engage in digital story telling, journey throughout the world using a green screen or Skype, or any combination of these or other something completely different fueled by their imagination.

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