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Each Academy District 20 school has at least one special education teacher and speech/language pathologist. Students may also receive supports from school social workers, school psychologists, school nurses and occupational and physical therapists. 

Our special education staff members work with students and their families in a variety of ways such as: completing assessments, participating in the development of Individual Education Plans (IEPs) and providing specialized support services. 

Special Education staff meet the state standards for licensed teachers and/or special service providers through the Colorado Department of Education. 

Inclusion at Academy District 20

Inclusion is a child-centered, collaborative process that focuses on the unique needs of each student as an equally valued member of the school community. Inclusion gives each student authentic access to the standards driven curriculum and social community through meaningful instruction and interaction supported by the intentional allocation of time and resources.

This includes the practice of educating all students together to the maximum extent appropriate with the long-range goal of independence, and participation in and contribution to the community.